Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics Student Taskforce

Meet the Students of BEES/BISI-BEES!

Edward Hurme (Wilkinson Lab)
movement ecology of fishing bats

Alex Novarro (Bely Lab)
physiological ecology, population biology,

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Krittika Petprakob (Swenson Lab)
tropical forest ecology

Corey Reynolds (Bely Lab)
physiological ecology, regeneration

Elske Tielens (Gruner Lab)
community ecology, assembly, plant-insect interactions,
spatial landscape structure

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Maria Natalia Umana (Swenson Lab)
plant ecology, tropics
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Jake Weissman (Johnson Lab & Fagan Lab)
theoretical microbial ecology/evolution
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Noor White (Mitter Lab)
Co-advised by Michael Braun (Smithsonian NMNH)
avian phylogenomics, evolution of night vision
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Miranda Yourick (Carleton Lab)
evolution of color vision, genetics, African cichlids






Danielle Adams (Wilkinson Lab)
behavioral ecology, olfactory communication, bats

Leann Biancani (Cummings Lab)
Co-advised by Karen Osborn (Smithsonian NMNH)
phylogenetics and evolution of pelagic invertebrates

Grace Capshaw (Carr Lab)
auditory evolution, salamander sensory ecology, neuroethology

Brock Couch (Lips Lab)

Daniel Escobar-Camacho (Carleton Lab)
evolutionary biology, ichthyology,
fish vision, fish diversity, animal behavior

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John Ficklin (Haag Lab)
reproductive mode evolution, kilifish

Alex Forde (Gruner Lab)
community ecology, mangroves
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Andrew Foss-Grant (Fagan Lab)
theoretical and statistical ecology

Will Gammerdinger (Kocher Lab)
population genomics, sex chromosome evolution,
African cichlids

Jessica Goodheart (Cummings Lab)
Co-advised by Allen Collins (NOAA/NMNH)
phylogenetics and evolution of nudibranchs
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Beatrice Mao (Wilkinson Lab Alumnus)
Co-advised by Cynthia Moss (Johns Hopkins University)
 echolocation, hearing genetics, bats

Ian McFadden (Kraft Lab) - transferred to UCLA
community ecology, tropical forests

Carly Muletz-Wolz (Lips Lab Alumnus)
microbial ecology, disease ecology,
amphibian conservation

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Andy Simpson (Fenster Lab Alumnus)
          Co-advised by Scott Wing (Smithsonian NMNH)         macroecology, paleobotany
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Elanor Spadafora (Lamp Lab Alumnus)
wetland macroinvertebrate community dynamics
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Alyssa Stewart (Dudash Lab Alumnus)
plant-pollinator interactions, nectar bats, paleotropics

Sarah Tweedt (Delwiche Lab Alumnus)
Co-advised by Douglas Erwin (Smithsonian NMNH)
paleobiology, developmental evolution

Eduardo Zattara (Bely Lab Alumnus)
evo-devo, invertebrate zoology, developmental biology,
phylogenetics, bioinformatics

Marcel Vaz (Kraft Lab) - transferred to UCLA
tropical forest ecology

Silvia Alvarez (Fagan Lab Alumnus)
social behavior, collective behavior,
animal movement

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Gerald Carter (Wilkinson Lab Alumnus)
behavioral ecology, cooperation, bats
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Carolina Diller (Fenster Lab Alumnus)
floral trait evolution, pollinator mediated selection
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Graziella DiRenzo (Lips Lab Alumnus)
disease ecologist, herpetologist
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Cora Ann Johnston (Gruner Lab Alumnus)
community ecology, species interactions, resources
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Gaurav Kandlikar (Kraft Lab) - transferred to UCLA
plant functional ecology, coexistence,
 plant-microbe interactions

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Cheryl Lewis Ames (Bely Lab Alumnus)
Co-advised by Allen Collins (Smithsonian NMNH)
 cnidarians, genomics, vision, venom, sex




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