Publication - Daniel Escobar-Camacho (BEES)

Congratulations to Biology's Karen Carleton, BEES graduate student Daniel Escobar-Camacho, and their colleagues from Sao Paolo State University in Brazil, co-authors on a new paper in Molecular Ecology titled "The Opsin Genes of Amazonian Cichlids." 

The study is the first detailed examination of the genetics of vision in cichlid fishes from the murky, silty water of South America’s Amazon Basin. Unlike their African relatives, which evolved in calm, clearwater lakes saturated with sunlight, three Amazonian cichlid species have adapted to the light environment of the Amazon Basin, which favors longer wavelengths of light such as red and orange. All cichlids rely on a diverse array of visual pigment proteins called opsins, but the three Amazonian species in the study have switched off or lost several opsin genes in response to their environmental conditions. 

For more information check out the article on the CMNS website: