Career & Prof Development - Week of October 30

Professional Development

Wednesday, Nov. 8 @ 1:00-3:00pm
McKeldin 4123B

The Ins and Outs of Academic Publishing: A Graduate Student Panel

Are you a grad student trying to wrap your head around the academic publishing process? Not sure if you’re at the right stage to get started? Need to know what to expect? Interested in knowing what publishing is like for grad students in different disciplines? Come ask your questions and hear some answers from other students like you! Visit for more information and to register! Email questions to

Nov. 1  @ 12:30pm-2:30pm
McKeldin 6107

Getting Started with Poster Design

Are you interested in participating in poster sessions at conferences or other events but don’t know how to get started? Want to learn how you might easily include some graphic design into how you communicate about your scholarship? Then come join us to get started with poster design. Visit for more information and to register! Email questions to

Thursday Nov. 9 @ 11:30am-1:30pm
McKeldin 6107

Curating Your Online Presence

Have you considered establishing an online presence for your academic identity? Wondering how to leverage social media to build academic contacts and publicize your own work? Want to learn how open access publication and repositories might benefit you? Did you know there are library resources that could help with these topics and more? This workshop will help you to think about how to approach social media as a professional, how you might engage in the professional online conversations in your field, and best practices for sharing your own work or others'. Visit for more information and to register! Email questions to

Tuesday Nov. 14 @ 1 pm - 3 pm
McKeldin 6107

Organizing Your Research and Using Citation Managers

Still adapting your workflow to graduate school? Starting a new project and worried about staying organized? Need a solution for keeping track of your PDFs and other files? Learn strategies for organizing your research, hear the experiences of other graduate students, consider the benefits of cloud storage apps, and get introduced to citation managers like EndNote Web, Mendeley, and Zotero. Visit for more information and to register! Email questions to




Post Docs

Kansas State University: Virus Pathogenesis

Ph.D. in related area required. The individual should have laboratory experience and evidence of productivity as shown in at least two published manuscripts in reputable international journals, excellent technical, organizational, verbal & written communication skills, ability to understand and critique primary literature, ability to work independently and as a team, and experience in molecular biology field. More information here



Research Associate - Michigan State University

The primary responsibility of this position will be to carry out a range-wide population genomic study of Arkansas darters, a stream fish native to the Great Plains that occurs in small, fragmented populations and is a species of conservation concern. In addition to the funded work (U.S. Fish & Wildlife; Kansas Dept. of Parks, Wildlife & Tourism), there will be opportunities to develop related experimental or theoretical projects related to genetic rescue, including the potential to take advantage of previously collected datasets from multi-generational genetic rescue experiments using Trinidadian guppies. More information here.

Ph.D. in a related field (ecology, evolution, genetics, conservation biology, organismal biology), demonstrated expertise in population and/or landscape genomics, and excellent writing ability. The candidate should have experience in the collection of NGS data (especially RADseq and/or WGS), bioinformatics pipelines to assemble Illumina reads and call SNPs, GIS, and landscape genetic analysis.

Desired Qualifications
Additional valuable qualifications include: coding skills, reference genome annotation, database management, experience working with live vertebrates in lab or field settings, and experience mentoring undergraduate students.


Structural Biologist - Medical Science & Computing (Bethesda, MD)

MSC is searching for a highly motivated Structural Biologist to support the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The position is part of a multi-disciplinary team of scientists who provide computational biology support, training, and consultation services to researchers. This opportunity is a full-time position with MSC and is on-site in Bethesda, MD. More information here.