Careers & Professional Development Opportunities: Week of July 24

Jobs in Ecology, Evolution, Behavior

The BEES/EcoEvo community keeps a blog/Google doc that lists current jobs in EEB, including post doc opportunities.  If you're a BEES student, keep an eye on this document as you begin making your post grad school plans.  It can be found here:

Professional Development

Enroll in TLTC798: University Teaching & Learning.  

This course will introduce you to core theoretical frameworks of learning and scientific evidence that can inform your scholarly teaching.  More information here.

iBiology Video Competition

 TheYoung Scientist Seminars (YSS) is a a video series produced by iBiology that features young scientists giving talks about their research and discoveries. It is a great opportunity for graduate students and postdocs interested in science communication and in sharing their work with an international audience of students, scientists, and educators. The YSS is a collaboration between the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University, and iBiology.

Participants in the YSS must apply to be selected. PhD candidates or postdocs with an interesting research story and good presentation skills are eligible to apply. Four winners will attend a multi-day workshop in San Francisco led by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, a leading organization in training scientists to give effective talks, in collaboration with iBiology. After this training, the selected scientists will record their 30-minute talks in a green screen studio, which will be posted on as part of a the Young Scientist Seminars. The winners will also receive a $500 honorarium.

More information about the YSS and application details can be found at:

Grad School is Hard on Mental Health: Here's an Antidote

Excellent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that focuses on using science communication & policy.  A good read if you're interested in pursuing either of those careers.

Teaching Positions (tenure track, temporary, adjunct)

Trinity Washington University is seeking graduate students with master’s degrees or ABD in biological sciences for (low-capped) sections of introductory biology and anatomy & physiology – a great way for students to acquire teaching experience.  If you're interested, contact the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at or program chair at

More information can be found here:

Post Doc Positions

A postdoctoral fellow position (ERC-funded) available immediately for highly motivated candidates to join the lab of Dr. Dor Salomon at the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University School of Medicine. The focus of the research project is to investigate mechanisms of toxin delivery via the bacterial type VI secretion system (T6SS). For more details on research done in the lab visit

Candidate must possess excellent writing and communication skills (English), a solid record of peer-reviewed publications (at least one first author publication), commitment to drive scientific projects, motivation for high impact research, ability to work closely with an interdisciplinary research team. Experience in microbiology and molecular biology is required. Experience in biochemistry and microscopy is preferred.

Please send your CV, a cover letter including synopsis of previous research experience, and contact information for three references to Dr. Dor Salomon at