The NIH-funded training program in Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) supports graduate students interested in the core areas of the MOCB Graduate program, with a focus on basic cell, molecular and developmental biology. The program is directed by Dr. Leslie Pick, former Director of the MOCB Graduate Program. In conjunction with this program, Dr. Pick teaches a class for first and second year MOCB students in Bioethics each Fall. The CMB program provides stipend, tuition and health insurance for 4 students per year, awarded competitively in the spring of each year through an NIH Training Grant (T32). Additional support for up to 2 students per year has been generously provided by the former Dean of the College of Chemical and Life Sciences, Dr. Norma Allewell. The program sponsors and/or contributes to additional enrichment activities, such as the yearly MOCB Retreat and the ‘Cake with a professor' Series, to begin in 2011. For inquiries, please contact Dr. Pick by email: