Maryland Day, April 29, 2017

Greetings! Our fourth annual Maryland Day event is coming up on April 29th, and we hope that you will join us! Thanks to the enthusiastic public and our fantastic BEES graduate student volunteers, last year was a roaring success. 80,000 people attended Maryland Day, and a few hundred stopped by to contribute to our wildlife mural and participate in our scavenger hunt. Here are a few pictures from last year for your enjoyment (click on them to browse), and make sure to like us on Facebook to see them all!

Maryland Wildlife Quest

BISI-BEES will be hosting our fourth Maryland Day event on April 29th, 2017! It is entitled "Maryland Wildlife Quest." It will feature a mural decorated by participants, a wildlife quest, and an informational center providing guidance for Marylanders to go enjoy nature.

Come and explore the wildlife of Maryland and contribute to our Chesapeake Bay and Appalachian Mountain mural!


  1. Encourage appreciation for natural biota
  2. Enhance the public's ability to identify a few local species
  3. Assist our fellow Marylanders in exploring nature at home



Citizen Science




  Elysia chlorotica,  a solar powered sea slug.

Elysia chlorotica, a solar powered sea slug.






Field Guides

Maryland’s Plants and Wildlife:

Chesapeake Bay Field Guide:

Maryland Insects: