Physiological Systems Faculty

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Ricardo Araneda, Associate Professor, Department of Biology. Director, PSYS Concentration Area, BISI Graduate Program. Sensory neuroscience, olfaction, neurogenesis, inhibition.

Daniel Butts, Associate Professor, Department of Biology.  Computational, neuroscience, vision, audition, perception.

Karen Carleton,  Professor, Department of Biology.  Vision, molecular evolution, genomics

Catherine Carr, Professor, Department of Biology. Comparative auditory neurobiology.  **Currently not taking new students**

Marco Colombini, Professor, Department of Biology. Membrane channels, voltage dependence, membrane biophysics.

Dan Dwyer, Assistant Professor, Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics.  Synthetic biology, systems biology, antibiotics, microbiology, cell death.

José Feijó, Professor, Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics.

Ken Frauwirth, Lecturer, Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics.  T cell activation and peripheral tolerance mechanisms.  **Currently not taking new students**

Quentin Gaudry, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology. Systems neuroscience, neuromodulation, olfaction, behavior

Adam Hsieh, Associate Professor, Fischell Department of Bioengineering. Musculoskeletal connective tissue, stem cells, spine, intervertebral disc.

Scott Juntii, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology (starting July 2017). Social behavior, Neural circuits Gene regulation, Nuclear hormone receptors, Automated behavior analysis

Patrick Kanold, Professor, Department of Biology. Cortex, circuits, 2 photon imaging, electrophysiology, plasticity

Chi Hon Lee, Investigator, National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development, Neural Circuit, Vision, Neurodevelopment, Drosophila, dendrite

Arthur Popper, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biology. Fish, hearing, noise, behavior, bioacoustics. 
**Currently not taking new students**

Elizabeth Quinlan, Professor, Department of Biology. 

Tom Porter, Professor, Department of Animal and Avian Sciences. Cell differentiation, embryonic development, animal physiology, molecular endocrinology, functional genomics.


Sougata Roy, Assistant Professor, Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics. Paracrine signaling, FGF, FGFR, Drosophila, Morphogenesis.

Jonathan Simon, Professor, Department of Biology; joint appointment with Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Institute for Systems Research. Neural processing, auditory computation, neurophysiology.

Joshua Singer, Associate Professor, Department of Biology. Neurophysiology, Retina, Synaptic transmission.

Colenso Speer, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology. (Joining July 2017) Neuroscience, visual system, neural development, circuit plasticity, super-resolution microscopy.


Sergei Sukharev, Professor, Department of Biology.  Membrane biology, cell mechanics, mechanosensitive channels, osmoregulation.

Lisa Taneyhill,  Associate Professor, Department of Animal and Avian Sciences. Cell adhesion, neural crest, placode, chick, EMT