Enrollment & Registration 

All graduate students must register for courses and pay associated tuition* and fees each semester, not including summer and winter sessions, until the degree is awarded. Students that fail to register will be automatically dropped from the program


*For students on full TAs or RAs, tuition remission, up to 10 credits, is provided. Students must still pay their fees.

Current  Stipends

Step I ( 1st year students without a Master's Degree): $27,204.80
Step II ( 1st year students with a Master's, pre-candidacy students): $28,216.04
Step III (students that have advanced to candidacy): $28,755.08

Per semester:
Step I: $11,058.75/ semester + $5,087.30 (summer)
Step II: $11,469.82/semester + $5276.40 (summer)
Step III: $11,688.94/semester + $5377.20 (summer)

BISI Program Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register and when is registration?   Register through Testudo before the first day of the semester. If you do not register until the semester starts you will be charged a late fee.
  • I am a first year student, when do I register?  You will receive an email from the BISI program with registration instructions.
  • What courses do I need to take?  Your CA Director or your Advisor will help you determine what you should take. First and second year students are usually registered for a combination of coursework and research credits. 
  • Do I need to be enrolled full time?  How many credits do I need to be full time?  All students should be full time (including international students and students on fellowships). Full time status is determined by the number of units, not by the number of credits.  The process for converting credits to units is explained here
  • Are there special requirements for international students?   International students are required to be full time students just like any other current graduate student.
  • How do I register early if I need proof of registration for my I-20 or visa?    If you need to be registered earlier than 2 - 3 weeks before the semester,  contact the registrar's office. All emails to the registrar's office need to include your Name, UID, Course number, Section number, Instructor name, and Semester. 
  • Which research course should I take?  Students must be registered for the research credits that correspond to their advisor. BISI students take BISI 898 (Pre-Candidacy Research) or BISI 899 ( Dissertation Research). 
  • What section of BISI 898 do I need to take?  Take the section that corresponds to your advisor (see here).  If your advisor does not have a section of BISI898, then contact the BISI office to have one added.  All BISI students that want to take research credits (and have not advanced to candidacy) should take BISI898.
  • How do I register for BISI 899?  How do I know if the Registrar has enrolled me in BISI 899?  The Registrar's Office automatically enrolls doctoral candidates in BISI899. However, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure this has been done properly before the semester starts to avoid having to pay late charges.
  • What are the deadlines for registration, drop/add, and withdrawal?  These are determined by the Office of the Registrar and can usually be found here.
  • What happens if I forget to register?  You will be charged a late fee if you are not registered for credits on the first day of class. If you do not register by the drop add date the Graduate School will terminate your enrollment. 
  • What do I do if there is a hold on my account and I cannot register?  Work with the Bursars Office to pay the account and notify the Registrar's Office once the hold is removed. 
  • Do I have to register in the summer or winter terms?  You should only register in the Summer if you plan to graduate in the Summer. You do not need to register in Winter.