This Calendar is for Reference Only
To reserve a room in the Bioscience Research Building and Biology-Psychology Building graduate students in the Biological Sciences Graduate Program need to contact the BISI office at
Students from other programs as well as faculty, staff, and post-docs should contact their department's administrative office. 

Important Notes About this Calendar and Room Use in General:
This calendar only shows some BPS rooms (1208, 1230, 2249) and the BRB conference rooms (1103, 0210, 1210, 2210, 3101).
Rooms in Microbiology, Plant Sciences, and other buildings on campus are not shown. These are booked through the associated department's administrative office or through campus scheduling.

The CMNS Dean's Office has the final say on the use  1103 BRB and 3101 BRB and can move or reschedule events if needed.
Events in 1103 BRB and 1208 BPS can also be overridden at the discretion of the Biology and CBMG Department Chairs.