Committee Meetings and Advancing to Candidacy

BISI encourages all students in the program to meet regularly with both their advisor(s) and committee members.  
An annual meeting with your committee is required for all BISI students. 

General information on meeting protocols:

  • BISI Office can assist with room reservations
  • When planning committee meetings, students must notify the BISI Office ( at least 2 weeks in advance. The Office will have all necessary paperwork and the student file ready for pick up on the day prior to the meeting. 
  • Be sure to print a copy of your unofficial transcripts for all meetings
  • See committee composition requirements here .  
  • The general meeting guidelines and overview can be found here
  • Read the Official Preliminary Meeting and Qualifying Exam Policy and Procedure document when planning for these exams



Year 1 - Semester 1: First Committee Meeting

  • Within first 2 weeks or prior to arrival on campus (can be virtual) 
  • Includes advisor and senior doctoral student
  • Objective: Review your academic background, develop curriculum, including an appropriate statistics course. 

Year 1 - Semester 2: Second Committee Meeting 

  • End of 2nd semester
  • Includes advisor, senior doctoral student, two additional faculty members
  • Objective: Review background for research proposal, develop a research plan

Year 2: Preliminary Meeting 

  • During 4th semester (BEES), 5th semester (PSYS)
  • See committee composition requirements here .  Once you've finalized your committee, please submit an Advisory Committee form 

Year 3: Qualifying Exam 

  • Must be completed by the end of the 5th (BEES) or 6th (PSYS) semester 

Year 1 - Semester 1

  • Meet with Concentration Area Director and Graduate Program Committee.  
  • CA Director acts as advisor until one is selected
  • Objective: Help with coursework selection and choose rotation mentors
  • All students do 3 rotations during Fall (2) and Winter (1) terms
  • Submit completed Rotation Evaluation forms after each rotation 

Year 1 - Semester 2

  • Advisor must be chosen prior to the end of the second semester
  • Must meet with advisory committee within 9  months of choosing advisor
  • Failure to find an advisor by the end of summer may result in dismissal from the program

Year 2

  • Committee must be determined by the 4th semester.
  • Submit an Advisory Committee form once you've chosen your dissertation committee.
    Committee guidelines can be found here.

Year 3: Preliminary Meeting and Qualifying Exam

  • Preliminary meeting: During 5th semester
  • Qualifying Exam: Must be completed by the end the 6th semester