Current MOCB Students

Adit Alreja
Nelson Lab

Zabdiehl Alvarado Martinez
Biswas Lab

Jordan Aoyama
Dinman Lab
Translational control of the immune system

Dallas Banks
Briken Lab

tuberculosis, type VII secretion, host responses

Anshuman Bhanja
Song Lab
Immunology, B lymphocyte activation, cytoskeleton, Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome.

Rezia Era Braza
McIver Lab
Host-Pathogen Interactions regarding Streptococcus pyogenes

Markus Brown
Co-advised by Eytan Ruppin and Thomas Ried at the NIH

Kevin Burke
Winkler Lab

Mary Chey
Jose Lab

Julie Choi
Cao Lab
Progeria, HGPS, Mesenchymal Stem Cell, Osteogenic Differentiation, Aging


Sofia DiBenigno
Song Lab

Haleigh Eppler
Jewell Lab
Immune tolerance

Shelby Foor
Pal Lab
Lyme Disease and possible, novel therapeutics

Shufang Fu
New student; rotations

Yantenew Gete
Cao Lab
Cellular stress in Progeria

Monty Goldstein
Scull Lab

Charlie Goodman
Delwiche Lab
Charophyte Phylogenetics and Genome Structure

Kajal Hamidzedeh
Mosser Lab
Effect of adenosine on macrophage activation

Ethan Iverson
Scull Lab
Influenza and Human Airway Epithelium

Dirk Joldersma
Liu Lab
Epigenetics, Gene imprinting, Fertilization, Fruit, Parthenocarpy

Joe Kendra
Dinman Lab
Regulation of gene expression in arboviruses

JungHyun Kim
Advised by Xiaoping Zhu at VetMed. Co advised by Jeffrey Cohen at NIH-NIAID

Lin (Ray) Lei
Li Lab (IBBR)
HIV-1, Ebola, B-cell, antibody, vaccine

Cindy Li
Leiserson Lab

Yujia Li
Roy Lab

Jingyuan Liu
Simon Lab
transcription/translation mechanism of plant viruses

Can Liu

Xiaojing Mao
Cao Lab
HGPS, Aging, Peroxisomes, iPSCs, Skins

Carolina Marques dos Santos Vieira
Dinman Lab
Ribosomopathies; Programmed Ribosomal Frameshifting

Shyrice Mitchell
Hamza Lab
Heme , Genetics, Vesicular Transport, Porphyrins

Rini Pek
Hamza Lab
Mechanisms of Mammalian Heme transport

Laramie Pence
Telugu Lab
Placenta, Embryology, Reproduction, lncRNA, CRISPR

Sam Porter
Co-advised by Jeff DeStefano and by Alison McBride at the NIH
HPV, genetics, chromatin, persistent infection

Pravrutha Raman
Jose Lab
Transgenerational gene silencing, C.elegans

Snusha Ravikumar
Jose Lab

Xiaoran Shang
Nelson Lab
engineering bacteriophage endolysin for improved activity

Bo Shi
Co advised by Leslie Pick & by Chi-Hon Lee at the NIH
Vision System, Neural Circuits, Drosophila

Nathan Shugarts
Jose Lab
RNA transport in C. elegans

John Sittmann
Liu Lab
Iron, Phytohormones, Development, Plant, Algae

Alex Sohr
Roy Lab
Signal processing, FGF, cytonemes

Carey Stuart
Co-advised by Jeff DeStefano and Bernard Moss at the NIH
Orthologous Poxvirus Intermediate Transcription Factors

Brianne Tomko
Simon Lab
Transcriptional Regulation of PEMV

Randi Turner
Dwyer Lab

Jurriaan Van Haaren
Song Lab
Immunology, Cell biology, B cell activation, Plasma membrane repair

Fuxi Wang
Liu Lab
Strawberry Fruit Development Study

Cordelia Weiss
Winkler Lab
Cellular development and gene regulation in bacteria

Binghan Xue
Kanold Lab

Huijing Xue
Cao Lab

Qian Yu
Song Lab
Neisseria gonorrhoeae, cervix, host- pathogen interaction, signal transduction

Qiong Zhang
Xiao Lab
Plant immunity, Arabidopsis-powdery mildew interaction, Phospolipase D

Recent Publications from MOCB Students

Xiong Z-M, O’Donovan M, Sun L, Choi JY, Ren M, Cao K. Anti-Aging Potentials of Methylene Blue for Human Skin LongevityScientific Reports. 2017;7:2475. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-02419-3.

Zeshan Tariq, Haoyue Zhang, Alexander Chia-Liu, Yang Shen, Yantenew Gete, Zheng-Mei Xiong, Claire Tocheny, Leonard Campanello, Di Wu, Wolfgang Losert & Kan Cao. Lamin A and microtubules collaborate to maintain nuclear morphology Nucleus Vol. 8 , Iss. 4,2017

Joseph A. Kendra, Cynthia de la Fuente, Ashwini Brahms, Caitlin Woodson, Todd M. Bell, Bin Chen, Yousuf A. Khan, Jonathan L. Jacobs, Kylene Kehn-Hall and Jonathan D. Dinman. Ablation of Programmed −1 Ribosomal Frameshifting in Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus Results in Attenuated Neuropathogenicity. in J. of Virology 2017 Jan 18.

Bhokisham, N., Pakhchanian, H., Quan, D., Tschirhart, T., Tsao, C. Y., Payne, G. F., & Bentley, W. E. (2016). Modular construction of multi-subunit protein complexes using engineered tags and microbial transglutaminase. Metabolic engineering, 38, 1-9.

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Berkey, R., Zhang, Y., Ma, X., King, H., Zhang, Q., Wang, W., & Xiao, S. (2017). Homologues of the RPW8 Resistance Protein Are Localized to the Extrahaustorial Membrane that Is Likely Synthesized De Novo. Plant Physiology, 173(1), 600–613.

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Marré, J., Traver, E. C., & Jose, A. M. (2016). Extracellular RNA is transported from one generation to the next in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2016;113(44):12496-12501. doi:10.1073/pnas.1608959113.

Thompson LP, Pence L, Pinkas G, Song H, Telugu BP.  Placental Hypoxia During Early Pregnancy Causes Maternal Hypertension and Placental Insufficiency in the Hypoxic Guinea Pig Model. Biol Reprod. 2016 Dec;95(6):128. Epub 2016 Nov 2. PMID: 27806942

Peng, M. and Biswas, D. (2016). Short chain and polyunsaturated fatty acids in host gut health and foodborne bacterial pathogen inhibition. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr, doi: 10.1080/10408398.2016.1203286.

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