PSYS Students

Rongkang Deng
Kanold Lab
GABAergic interneurons, cortical circuits, neural activity, development

Ji Liu
Kanold Lab
Auditory cortex, temporal coding, calcium imaging

Custódio de Oliveira Nunes
Feijó Lab
Pollen tubes, Cell polarity, Membrane potential, Ion dynamics

Ahana Mallick*

Juan Barbosa*

Jonathan Schenk
Gaudry Lab
Neurophysiology and neuromodulation of drosophila olfaction

Alex Simon
Feijó Lab
Ion Channels, Plant cell growth

Craig Taswell
Butts  Lab
Co-advised by Bruno Averbeck at the NIMH Section on Learning and Decision Making (SLDM).
Reinforcement learning, Computational modeling, Neural circuitry, Behavior

Pablo Villar del Rio
Araneda Lab
neuroscience, olfactory bulb, neural circuits, GABAergic transmission

* Indicates new students.

Recent Publications by PSYS Students

Michard, E., Simon, A. A., Tavares, B., Wudick, M. M., & Feijó, J. A. (2017). Signaling with ions: the keystone for apical cell growth and morphogenesis in pollen tubes. Plant physiology173(1), 91-111.

Liu, Ji, Matthew R. Whiteway, Daniel A. Butts, and Patrick O. Kanold. Spatial organization of the mouse auditory cortex to sound dynamics revealed using automated image segmentation. bioRxiv (2017): 139659.

Kazemipour, A., Liu, J., Solarana, K., Nagode, D., Kanold, P., Wu, M., & Babadi, B. (2017). Fast and stable signal deconvolution via compressible state-space modelsIEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.

Deng, R., Kao, J. P., & Kanold, P. O. (2017). Distinct Translaminar Glutamatergic Circuits to GABAergic Interneurons in the Neonatal Auditory CortexCell Reports19(6), 1141-1150.

Nandamuri SP, Dalton BE and Carleton KL. Determination of the genetic architecture underlying short wavelength sensitivity in Lake Malawi cichlids". J Heredity 108(4): 379-390. 

Nandamuri, S. P., Yourick, M. R., & Carleton, K. L. (2017). Adult plasticity in African Cichlids: Rapid changes in opsin expression in response to environmental light differencesMolecular Ecology.

Ortiz-Ramírez C., Michard E., Simon A.A., Damineli D.S.C., Hernández-Coronado M., Becker J.D., Feijó J.A. (2017). Glutamate receptor-like channels are essential for chemotaxis and reproduction in mosses. Nature July 24. doi: 10.1038/nature23478. [Epub ahead of print]