Current BEES Students

Visit the website for the BEES student organization: BEESST (BEES Student Taskforce).

Alex Forde
Gruner Lab

community ecology, mangroves
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Zeke Gonzalez
Shultz Lab

Chace Holzheuser
Lips Lab

amphibian disease ecology

Danielle Adams
Wilkinson Lab

behavioral ecology, olfactory communication, bats

Kevin Bennett
Braun Lab at the Smithsonian

Leann Biancani
Cummings Lab
Co-advised by Karen Osborn (Smithsonian NMNH)
phylogenetics and evolution of pelagic invertebrates

Jason Berg*
Swenson Lab

Shauna Rasband*

Mengyu Liu*
Wilkinson LabWilkinson Lab

Nora Hamovit*
Palmer Lab

Damani Eubanks*
Swenson Lab

Grace Capshaw
Carr Lab

auditory evolution, salamander sensory ecology, neuroethology

Javier Carpinteyro
Machado Lab

genomics of species divergence in Drosophila

Betsy Clark
Kocher Lab

Sex determination in cichlid fishes

Ronald Clark
Machado Lab

studies Drosophila molecular evolution

Brock Couch
Lamp Lab

Daniel Escobar-Camacho
Carleton Lab

evolutionary biology, ichthyology,
fish vision, fish diversity, animal behavior

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John Ficklin
Haag Lab

reproductive mode evolution, kilifish

Edward Hurme
Wilkinson Lab

movement ecology of fishing bats


Julie Mallon
Fagan Lab
Movement Ecology, Migration, Flight Behavior, Energetics, Avian
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Krittika Petprakob
Swenson Lab

tropical forest ecology

Corey Rennolds
Bely Lab
physiological ecology, regeneration

Vanessa Rubio Ramos
Swenson Lab

Lauren Ryan
Haag Lab
Evolution of sex determination

Kiri Staiger
Swenson Lab

Calandra Stanley
Dudash/Marra Labs
migration, behavioural ecology, ornithology

Anshuman Swain
Fagan Lab


Elske Tielens
Gruner Lab
community ecology, assembly, plant-insect interactions,
spatial landscape structure

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Madhvi Venkatraman
Gruner/Fleischer Labs

Dave Weber
Fisher Lab
Studying how female mating strategy has shaped reproductive physiology in Peromyscus rodents

Jake Weissman
Johnson Lab & Fagan Lab
theoretical microbial ecology/evolution
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Sam Worthy
Swenson Lab

Da Yin
Haag Lab

Caenorhabditis mating system evolution

Hao Yiu
Johnson Lab
Using empirical and theoretical methods to understand adaptive immune systems in the context of evolution

Miranda Yourick
Carleton Lab

evolution of color vision, genetics, African cichlids

* Indicates new student.

Recent Publications by BEES Students

Please see this Google scholar page for a comprehensive list of publications by BEES students.

Goodheart JA, Bazinet AL, Valdés Á, Collins AG, Cummings MP. Prey preference follows phylogeny: evolutionary dietary patterns within the marine gastropod group Cladobranchia (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Nudibranchia). BMC Evol. Biol. [Internet]. 2017;17:221. Available from:

Nandamuri, S. P., Yourick, M. R., & Carleton, K. L. (2017). Adult plasticity in African Cichlids: Rapid changes in opsin expression in response to environmental light differencesMolecular Ecology.

Jessica A. Goodheart Insights into the Systematics, Phylogeny, and Evolution of Cladobranchia (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia). American Malacological Bulletin 2017 35 (1), 73-81

Escobar-Camacho D, Marshall NJ, and Carleton KL. Behavioral color vision in a cichlid fish: Metriaclima benetos. J Exp Biology (in press).

Escobar-Camacho D, Ramos, E, Martins C and Carleton KL. The opsin genes of Amazonian cichlids. Molecular Ecology 26: 1343-56

Muletz-Wolz, C. R., DiRenzo, G. V., Yarwood, S. A., Grant, E. H. C., Fleischer, R. C., & Lips, K. R. (2017). Antifungal bacteria on woodland salamander skin exhibit high taxonomic diversity and geographic variability. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 83(9), e00186-17.

Umaña, M. N., Zhang, C., Cao, M., Lin, L., & Swenson, N. G. (2017). A core‐transient framework for trait‐based community ecology: an example from a tropical tree seedling community. Ecology Letters, 20(5), 619-628.

White, N. D., Mitter, C. and Braun, M. J. (2017), Ultraconserved elements resolve the phylogeny of potoos (Aves: Nyctibiidae). J Avian Biol. doi:10.1111/jav.01313

DiRenzo, G. V., Che-Castaldo, C., Rugenski, A., Brenes, R., Whiles, M. R., Pringle, C. M., Kilham, S. S. and Lips, K. R. (2017), Disassembly of a tadpole community by a multi-host fungal pathogen with limited evidence of recovery. Ecol Appl, 27: 309–320. doi:10.1002/eap.1443

Goodheart, J. A. and Bely, A. E. (2017), Sequestration of nematocysts by divergent cnidarian predators: mechanism, function, and evolution. Invertebr Biol, 136: 75–91. doi:10.1111/ivb.12154

Frances E. Clark, Matthew A. Conte, Irani A. Ferreira-Bravo, Andreia B. Poletto, Cesar Martins, Thomas D. Kocher; Dynamic Sequence Evolution of a Sex-Associated B Chromosome in Lake Malawi Cichlid Fish. J Hered 2017; 108 (1): 53-62. doi: 10.1093/jhered/esw059

Foss-Grant, A. P., Zipkin, E. F., Thorson, J. T., Jensen, O. P. and Fagan, W. F. (2016), Hierarchical analysis of taxonomic variation in intraspecific competition across fish species. Ecology, 97: 1724–1734. doi:10.1890/15-0733.1

Stanley, C. Q., Walter, M. H., Venkatraman, M. X., & Wilkinson, G. S. (2016). Insect noise avoidance in the dawn chorus of Neotropical birds. Animal Behaviour112, 255-265.