choosing a committee

The Graduate School dictates that your committee must consist of at least five  members of the Graduate Faculty, three of whom must be full members (on campus, tenure track). One of these full members must be identified as the Dean's Representative.  The Dean's Rep must be a tenured faculty member with an on campus tenure home different from your advisor and/or co-advisor.  You can learn more about the Graduate School requirements here or more about the graduate faculty here.Committees are usually chosen during the student's second or third year in the program. 



Your on campus advisor acts as the committee chair. If you have two advisors, the committee can be co-chaired by both of your advisors with permission from the Graduate School. Either your advisor or co-advisor must be a full member of the Graduate Faculty (i.e. has an on campus tenure home)


A total of three members of the committee (including the Chair) must be full members of the Graduate Faculty.

Off campus scientists can serve on dissertation committees, but must be appointed as Special Members of the Graduate Faculty.  Consult with the BISI Office for more information.

On campus, non-tenure track faculty can serve on dissertation committees, but must be appointed as an Adjunct Member of the Graduate Faculty. Consult with the BISI Office for more information. 



BISI Requirements: At least two of your committee members must be full members of the BISI faculty