getting to graduation


Post Candidacy

Advancements generally go into effect on the 1st of the month following your exam. If you do not receive a confirmation letter from the Graduate School please contact the BISI office. The BISI office will confirm your advancement to candidacy with your payroll office and you will be increased to Step III. 

If you do not see a change reflected in your paycheck within a month of your official advancement contact the BISI office. You will be registered for 6 credits of BISI 899 Doctoral Research every Fall and Spring semester by the Registrar's Office. You are responsible for confirming that they have done so before the first day of the semester.  

If there is a hold on your account for any reason during the month before the semester starts you need to resolve it and you must let the Registrar know after it is resolved so they can register you. If you need to be registered earlier than the office normally does registrations please contact The registration requirement cannot be waived without an official Leave of Absence. Summer registration is not required unless you plan to graduate during the summer semester.

Annual Meetings

You are expected to meet with your committee approximately once a year.  The BISI Office will help you schedule the meeting and prepare the appropriate forms needed for each meeting.  These forms will be available for you 1 business day prior to your meeting.


The Semester Before You Want To Defend: 

  • Review the Graduate School deadlines and policies.
  • Make sure your committee agrees with your timeline.
  • Tell the BISI office your plans.
  • If you have off-campus committee members: Consult with the BISI Office to ensure that they are eligible to serve on your committee.
  • If you plan to defend and graduate in Summer: Discuss this with the BISI office in April so you can be registered for 1 credit of BISI 899 during the summer semester. 

Special Members of the Graduate Faculty:

  • If you have external committee members you need to check with the BISI Office at least 2 months prior to your planned defense date.
  • The office must confirm they are active as Special Members of the Graduate Faculty before the Nomination of Committee form can be submitted.
  • Adjunct appointments with a department do not guarantee this approval has been granted.